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Browse Worthy (8/2/2012)

Creativity - Over at HeadHeartHand David Murray, whose eye-pleasing website displays well his and others' creativity,  has been doing a series on this subject well worth meditating on.  This post includes a list of the previous ones he has done on this subject.

The Mormonization of America - With Islam and Mormonism growing in their influence in the West, it is vital for Christians to know what to think and how to interact with them.  On the Mormon side, Tim Challies has an excellent summary and review of a book by the title of this link.

Beeke on Holiness - Dr. Joel Beeke spoke at the Reformed Presbyterian International Conference last week on the subject of holiness.  The Lord blessed these talks, and His providence of taking Dr. Beeke's godly, prayerful, elderly mother home on the very day he  spoke on prayer added a special sweetness to this talk.

The Hole in Our Holiness - On the subject of holiness, Justin Taylor interviews Kevin DeYoung about his new book with this title.  They discuss the need for the pursuit of experiential holiness.

Converted at 84 - This story about Randy Alcorn's elderly father's miraculous conversion will fill you with hope as you pray for and witness to lost family members.

Gay Is Not the New Black - Voddie Baucham of _The __Gospel Coalition _has a tightly written article countering the typical apologetic of civil rights given by both homosexual activists and liberal judges ruling on same-sex marriages.  As he well states, "There is no legal, logical, moral, biblical, or historical reason to support same-sex 'marriage.'"

Wedding Giggles - Having performed or been to many weddings this summer, this slightly old video of a bride unable to stop laughing at her groom's misspeaking his vows got our family tickled as well.  It reminded me that years ago I was performing a wedding where the bride misspoke.  Instead of saying "lawfully wedded husband," she said, "wafflely wedded husband."  However, the result was different.  The groom, a family member who will go unnamed, did start to laugh.  But her sudden glare soon stopped him, and on we went.


Barry York

Barry York

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