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Browse Worthy (8/21/2012)

How about some well-written articles that remind us of the need to care for unborn children, orphaned kids, college students, and hurting wives?

More Abortion Truth - Often mind-numbing statistics about abortion, such as 4000 per day or 50,000,000 total since 1973 in our land, keep us from being as brokenhearted as we should be that this practice continues.  Reading this article by a sidewalk counselor  who describes talking to real women with advanced pregnancies will make you cry out in prayer again.

Defending Adoption - Though Pat Robertson's comments about adoption created such an uproar last week that you may have already seen this article by Russell Moore, it is worth reading again.  The paragraph regarding Jesus as being adopted by Joseph was a new thought for me and another wonderful reminder of how our Savior came to be like us in every way except for sin.

Decline of Christian Colleges - Marvin Olasky reviews two books on this subject and then gives three vital signs to watch out for when evaluating whether a Christian college will stay true to its course or not.  I have pointed out regularly in our community that the logo of Indiana University (which has a branch here in town) consists of a book with the motto _Lux et Veritas _(Light and Truth) emblazoned in the light rays issuing forth from the book.  Over a century ago that book also had the two words "Holy Scripture" stamped on it.  They were eventually removed as the state took over this once Christian seminary and vocational training center.

Shepherding a Hurting Wife - With the explosion of online pornography, many are having to counsel the wives hurting from their husband's lust and neglect.  The importance of treating them with gentleness cannot be overly emphasized.  This article helps you to see what you should and should not say.

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters - After my post yesterday about my daughter leaving for college, this playful one from last year came to mind.  #50 just plain hurt.

Barry York

Barry York

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