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Two Audio Recommendations... Along with a Bar of Soap

I’ve got a couple audio recommendations.  Both are shocking, though for different reasons.

In the case of Douglas Wilson’s relatively recent talks on human sexuality at IU Bloomington, the event proved nothing short of shocking, not so much because of what he said, but how his comments were received.  I could try to describe how wildly inappropriate the students behaved- how bizarre and downright hostile they acted- but it would be better to simply listen and watch for yourself.  Wait until about halfway through the first lecture.  I can almost guarantee that you’ll be surprised.

After watching the videos, two things came to mind.  They are:

1)      Enmity
2)      “Tolerance”

Oh, and I should also provide a warning.  The material is both adult in content and explicit, particularly some of the questions asked during the Q and A.  Think rated “R.”

Sexual By Design

Now the next audio recommendation is shocking, not because of its resemblance to the Jerry Springer show, but because of how utterly weak the Muslim apologist’s arguments were.  In the following debate between James White and Zakir Hussain, which was formal and cordial, Mr. Hussain tried to establish the claim that the Bible prophesies the coming of Muhammad.

Consider his arguments for yourself.  And as with the above, I have but two things to say:

1)      Wildly Eisegetical
2)      Patently groping for something (anything!)... and to no avail

Is Muhammed Prophesied in the Bible

(The above link comes from James White’s Blob/website, which can be found here: http://www.aomin.org/  Do check it out.  Good stuff is found there.)