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A Small Basket of Audio Picks

How about a few audio recommendations for your listening pleasure?

2012 Desiring God National Conference

This recommendation should come as no surprise.  I’m a huge fan of the conferences put on by Desiring God Ministries.  Not only am I eager to listen to what John Piper has to share, but I’ve always appreciated the diversity of speakers.  Scarcely do I recognize all the names.  And this was no exception.  New voices equal fresh insights.

The overarching theme was sanctification.  That being said, the diversity of messages proved far reaching.  Everything from the Lord’s Supper, to singleness, to future grace, to relationships was touched upon.  You can see the list of messages here.

If I were going to merely suggest one or two messages, I would heartily recommend John Piper’s two talks.  They captivated me and brought me to worship.

TGC New England Conference

I haven’t yet worked my way through all the messages, but the three or four I’ve heard thus far have proved outstanding.  D.A. Carson’s survey of the theme of the kingdom of God was brilliant.  Tim Keller’s message on the Gospel shaped life bolstered my soul, as well as challenged it.  And John Piper’s message on the Gospel shaped mind was anything but pedestrian.

These are well worth your time.  Check them out here.

The Apple Argument against Abortion

So, yeah, this isn’t an audio recommendation, but for those who like a bit of philosophy, you might enjoy this carefully crafted argument by Peter Kreeft.  The subject is abortion.  You can find it here.