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As the cultural wars intensify, here are some links that will assist you:

Suicide - Following the suicide of well-known pastor Rick Warren's son last week, there has been an explosion of articles on depression, mental illness, and suicide.  David Murray offers two great columns on this, first with his own "7 Questions about Suicide and Christians" and then with a wisdom-balanced guest column by John Koopman on "Pastoral Thoughts on Depression."  For further links on many of the better posts on the internet, see Justin Taylor's "Suicide, Mental Illness, Depression, and the Church."

**Gay Marriage **- With all the attention this issue is getting, how important it will be for the church to speak with Scriptural authority.  Rick Philips responded to a call against doing this in his post "Bill O'Reilly, Gay Marriage, and the Bible."  He then responded further with "Follow-up to Bill O'Reilly, Gay Marriage, and the Bible."

Abortion - Though the mainstream media is virtually silent about the horrors being unfolded in the trial of a Philadelphia abortionist, the megaphone that is the internet allows us to expose with light these deeds that were done in darkness.  Joe Carter carefully delineates what happened to lead to this trial in "9 Things You Should Know about the Gosnell Infanticide and Murder Trial."  At the end of his post is a chilling documentary, not recommended to be viewed by sensitive souls or the faint of heart, taking you inside this clinic and allowing you to  some of the experiences of women who went there.  Also see Andree Sue Peterson's experience of being "At the Gosnell Trial" and witnessing the unbelievable testimony of one of the _teenage mother _workers at the clinic.

**False Teachers **- Read WORLD's article on rapper Shai Linne as he raps up the side of the head many prominent prosperity gospel preachers with a song he entitles "Fal$e Teacher$" (you can hear the song at this site). The bad fruit of culture issues forth from the bad root of false teaching in the church.  With compassion and passion, this song boldly and Biblically strikes at such a root.

**Testimony **- So that you are not left discouraged with these things, watch the humble, powerful video below of a young man named Roger tell of living with cerebral palsy.  It helps us see beyond the brokenness of this world!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29529450]

Barry York

Barry York

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