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High School Apologetics

In the apologetics course I taught this past year at the academy our congregation sponsors, I assigned groups of two or three students a project that required the following:

  1. Document that you have engaged 50 people or more
  2. Clearly use the presuppositional apologetics methods we learned in class
  3. Involve each person in the group substantially
  4. Utilize creativity and technology in your design and implementation 
  5. Seek to make your presentation effective and not just the completion of an assignment
    I thought I would share with you the efforts of two groups:

Adam Dinkledine, Ethan Kimm, and Amber Moore questioned people and recorded them in audio about the Sandy Hook shootings, then lead them into further questions regarding abortion that revealed the interviewees' basis for determining right and wrong.  They set up a neat blog site that shares their results and explains them.  Read here for a further explanation of their project or go here to start through their findings.  It never ceases to amaze and sadden me how so many seemingly well-meaning people are at a loss to explain their own moral foundations.

Students Drew Harsh and Nathan Marcisz (who, by the way, showed off their creativity in another way by pulling off a masterful rendition of the "Who's on First?" skit recently for a speech class) also addressed the problem of evil with interviews and a YouTube video of that name.  The opening scenes of suffering with music capture your attention; a black & white narration clearly lays out the problem evil present the Christian theologian; a series of interviews showing people wrestling with the question of "Why does evil exists?" follows; then a Biblical presentation concludes the video.

In this evil age with the problems it brings, I appreciate seeing these young people eagerly and creatively addressing it!

Barry York

Barry York

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