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Book Review: David Murray's Jesus on Every Page

I am excited to make it known here that David Murray's new book, _Jesus on Every Page, _can be pre-ordered at Amazon for its August 20th release date.  As the subtitle explains, this book is "10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament."

After David gives his testimony regarding his own personal "road to Emmaus" experience in the opening chapters, as the Lord Jesus opened his eyes further to His person as revealed in the Old Testament, he then has ten chapters that explain how one, aided by the Holy Spirit, can see Christ in the first thirty-nine books of the Bible.

As David himself explains about his book:

Jesus on Every Page was born out of a passion to help Christians recover the importance of the Old Testament by rediscovering Christ in the Old Testament.

Although I hope the book will be of great help to pastors and teachers, I've written it at a popular level to increase accessibility. Each of the chapters provides numerous practical tools and clear step-by-step guides to mentor and encourage the reader in a quest to seek and enjoy Christ in the Old Testament.
Here is how I sought to summarize this book:
If you heard that archaeologists had discovered a genuine book with pictures of Jesus’ life, a diary of his thoughts, and further explanation of his ministry, would you not yearn to have that book in your hands?  If you have the Old Testament, you do!  With the enthusiasm of personal discovery and the heart of a loving pastor, David Murray explains carefully and plainly that Jesus indeed can be seen, heard, and experienced on every page of the Old Testament.
Many respected Reformed writers and theologians have endorsed this work.  In the middle of July, I'm bringing it to your attention as you might want to order a copy and end your summer reading with it.  My prayer is that this book, which captures the growing interest by many theologians of seeing Christ in the Old Testament but which is written in David's lucid manner for every believer, will be read and studied widely by the church.  Indeed, it would be a great book to go through in Sunday school or Bible studies.

Read this book prayerfully, and by God’s grace you may experience what Dr. Murray describes as the “blessed spiritual heartburn” enjoyed by the two walking on the road to Emmaus, who had their eyes opened by Jesus Himself to the Gospel of the Old Testament.

Barry York

Barry York

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