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Quick Audio Pick

I stumbled upon a gem of a lecture.  It’s by Dr. Megan Best.  The title:  New Directions in Assisted Reproduction: How Did We End Up Here?

In the span of an hour, Dr. Best surveys the current landscape of assisted reproduction (think IVF and the like) in a highly informative and crystal clear way.  As an expert in the field, she is able to unpack the procedures and ethics involved with wisdom and insight. 

Pastors should certainly acquaint themselves with the material, as it is becoming more commonplace for infertile Christian couples to consider the various medical options available to them.  There is much to be aware of in the field, not to mention, leery. 

She has written a book on the subject, one which D.A. Carson has said “is now the ‘must read’ book in the field.”  That’s an impressive statement.  It has certainly piqued my interest.  The work is entitled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”  I plan on grabbing a copy.