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The Supreme Court & DOMA - In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, Rosaria Butterfield gives her unique albeit Biblical perspective on how we should view this decision and those in opposition.  How often the gospel calls us back to examine our own hearts rather than rushing to judge others.

Protesting at Abortion Centers - R.C. Sproul Jr. offers both encouragements toward and cautions about protesting outside the slaughterhouses where the unborn are put to death (HT: David Murray).

Zealot Review - In this book attacking Christ, Pastor John Dickerson reveals what few in the media fawning over this work tell, which is that the author is a Muslim and he is employing the traditional apologetic used by Islam against Christianity.  Though I do not agree with him when he says, "In many ways, this conflict is larger than Christianity and Islam. It is a conflict of Western and Middle Eastern foundations," his other insights are helpful.  Marvin Olasky adds further thoughts about the media's treatment as well.

Tortured in Sinai - This article contains interviews with Christians who have been abducted in Eritrea and trafficked as slaves in Sinai by Islamists.  Reading or watching the interviews is not for the faint of heart, but it alerts you to the awful reality of human trafficking and persecution of those who profess Christ.  It even moved me to do something I rarely do - sign a petition.

Christians in the Military - _WORLD _magazine highlights some of the courageous believers in the US military who are waging gospel battles as more of their religious freedoms are being threatened.

Barry York

Barry York

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