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Audio Picks!

A few audio picks to help warm your soul during the arctic doldrums of January:

  • Lecture series on Paul and his letters, by Ted Donnelly.

With scholarly insight and pastoral care, Ted Donnelly explores the letters of Paul, paying particular attention to the occasion of each epistle.  The letter is unpacked as a letter.  In other words, if you’re looking to obtain a sense of Paul’s overarching methodological approach to problems, this series is for you.

You must first download the files as a zip file.


  • Graphic abortion images - Anne Furedi vs Gregg Cunningham public debate - Unbelievable? - 09 November 2013

I do not often blurt out frustrated exclamations while listening to podcasts- I am walking amongst the public, after all, and wouldn’t want people to think I’m losing my mind (the State (Mental) Hospital is nearby, mind you)- but this debate on the justness of utilizing abortion images in public left me utterly amazed at the blindness and duplicity of pro-abortionists.  Prepare to get mad.


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  • How Do Smart Students Get That Way? – A Conversation with Amanda Ripley, Thinking in Public with Al Mohler.

Who are the smartest kids in the world and why?  The answer was a bit surprising.  That being said, my real fascination with this interview had more to do with how the conversation stirred my mind and made me reflect afresh on some of our homeschooling practices.


  • What Podcasts Does John Piper Listen to?

Need I say more?