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It is amazing how quickly the gay rights battle is morphing into a transsexual one.  As men and women harden their hearts more and more against the Creator whose image they bear, they rebel against _everything, _even their own gender. When _Times _magazine features on its cover a picture of a man in a dress with the caption "The Transgender Tipping Point," and Rush Limbaugh is speaking favorably with transsexuals, you realize you cannot avoid discussing an issue that in your parents' day would have never been mentioned publicly.  As a pastor, I had to speak to those involved in gender confusion in my counseling office.

In these confusing times, here are some helpful articles from past and recent days that will help set our thinking straight (no pun intended).

The Briefing by Al Mohler.  Penetrating analysis of the transgender movement in light of the _Times _cover.

This Strange New World by Tim Challies.  A prediction eight years ago that gender issues would be confronting us wherever we turn.

Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question by Russell Moore.  Words for dealing pastorally with this issue.

This Poor Child is Confused, not 'Transgendered' by Matt Walsh.  Perceptive insight into the family raising their young girl to be a boy.

Laverne Cox is not a Woman by Kevin Williamson.  Laverne Cox is the person posing on the _Times _cover.

Top Ten Books for Dads by David Murray.  Though masculinity means more than being a father, it does find one of its chief expressions through this role.  Here's the Top Ten Books for Mothers also by David.

Female Heart by moi.  Please excuse this self-promotion, but I did explain from Scripture a while back, in work I did for a Woman's Retreat, why being female goes beyond being a wife or mother and deeper than a woman's physicality.

Barry York

Barry York

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