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Weekend Quote: Subduing Sin

From _Through Baca's Vale_ by J.C. Philpot:
How many poor souls are struggling against the power of sin, and yet never get any victory over it!  How many are daily led captive by the lusts of the flesh, the love of the world, and the pride of life, and never get any victory over them!  How many fight and grapple with tears, vows, and strong resolutions against besetting sins of temper, levity, or covetousness, who are still entangled and overcome by them again and again!  Now, why is this?  Because they know not the secret of spiritual strength against, and spiritual victory over them.  It is only by virtue of a living union with the Lord Jesus Christ, drinking into his sufferings and death, and receiving out of his fulness, that we can gain any victory over the world, sin, death, or hell.  Let me bring this down a little to your own experience.  Say your soul has been, on one particular occasion, very sweetly favoured; a melting sense of the Savior's precious love and blood has come into your heart, and you could then believe, with a faith of God's own giving, that he was eternally yours; and through this faith, as an open channel of divine communion, his merits and mediation, blood, righteousness, and dying love came sweetly streaming into your soul.  What was the effect?  To lead you to sin, to presumption, to licentiousness?  Nay, just the contrary.  To a holy obedience in heart, lip, and life.  Sin is never really or effectually subdued in any other way.
Barry York

Barry York

Sinner by Nature - Saved by Grace. Husband of Miriam - Grateful for Privilege. Father of Six - Blessed by God. President of RPTS - Serve with Thankfulness. Author - Hitting the Marks.

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