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Apologetics for the Rest of Us

Evidentialist or Presuppositional? If you said Presuppositional, do you mean of the Van Til variety or are you a Clarkian?  If you said Evidentialist, do you prefer the ontological, teleological, cosmological, or some other argument for God's existence? It's enough to blow your epistemology, isn't it?  Do you ever think that you need a seminary degree or at least college philosophy to discuss God's existence? It can be discouraging, can't it?

Last week Pastor David Reese (Colorado Springs, CO) spoke at a youth conference here in Los Angeles on the topic of "relational apologetics." I recommend that if you want to defend your faith, but are frequently discouraged by the philosophical nature of apologetic discussions, you ought to begin with these messages.

They can be downloaded, free of charge, here.


Nathan Eshelman

Nathan Eshelman

Pastor in Orlando, studied at Puritan Reformed Theological & Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminaries. One of the chambermen on the podcast The Jerusalem Chamber. Married to Lydia with 5 children.

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