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Got 5 Minutes?

Do you find history a bit boring, especially when it's recounted online? It tends to be done on sites with numerous pages of information, much of which is barely readable because of its density, and there's often little recognition of the fact that it's supposed to engage the normal human being.

Here's a website that will at least open up the world of Scottish Reformation history for you.   It's a clear, colorful, informative, and easy to use site.  It gives a timeline for the overall period of 1580-1690  as well as timelines for each of the specific periods within that time frame, i.e. 1st Reformation, and 2nd Reformation, and the Covenanters.  You just click on the image and read about the person or the event. There is also a reading list of books on each character and event if you want to delve deeper.

As well as the historical information the site also provides information on the location of the numerous historical sites where some astonishing things happened in the lives of these brothers and sisters in the past.

Have you got five minutes?  Have a look at it - www.reformationhistory.org