/ Gentle Reformation

Some Audio Picks

A few audio picks for your listening pleasure:

Christ the Center recently invited Dr. David Graves on the show to discuss the book of Leviticus. What a fantastic discussion it proved to be! If you would like some help thinking about the structure of Leviticus, or if you’re looking to chew on some tasty insights (which who isn't, right?), this is the show for you.

• Dr. Prutow and Dr. Gordon recently met to debate the subject of exclusive Psalmody. Actually, the word debate is far too strong a term here. It was more like a friendly discussion; a good example of how to disagree in a gentlemanly way.

• By way of reminder, I’d like to encourage our readers to stay on top of The Briefing, a daily (and short) podcast detailing the latest events in the news. Al Mohler is the man behind the microphone, and he brings careful Christian analysis to the issue. Well worth your attention.