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What a Week!

Last week was full in more ways than one as I taught a four-day, intensive church planting course at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary to seventeen students.  Thankfully, two friends experienced in church planting helped me teach throughout the week as we emphasized together the evangelism, discipleship, and particularly the working of God's Spirit necessary to see new works develop.  Their presence added to the joy of the time.  All of the students were special, and the possibilities and realities for their involvement in church plants are so exciting.

Yet it was made all the more special and exciting seeing those present who want to do cross cultural and across the ocean church planting!  We had present men and women from a large Asian nation who want to plant churches in North America to immigrant populations.  Also, two families participated who are planning to move to India next summer as a team to begin a work there.  These movements in our little denomination and seminary are unprecedented, and my heart is still pumping hard just remembering their hunger, intensity, and determination for what lies ahead.

At the end of class, the folks from India sang Psalm 67 in a beautiful Hindi arrangement one of them had composed.  It was an impromptu demonstration of the need to take the gospel wisely into the language and culture of the people who will be the focus of our ministry.  I had hoped to post the audio, but have run into some difficulty and will have to do so later if it becomes available.  But you can at least see the opening words below.

Psalm 67 is one we have long sang and prayed as a church, asking the Lord to bless us so we can be a blessing to other peoples.  What joy it brings to see these words unfolding in the precious hearts, minds, and dear faces of those who were present!

Psalm 67

Barry York

Barry York

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