/ Barry York

Then You, My Love

Today my wife and I celebrate thirty years of wedded love.

_If love must be awakened_  
_     Then you, My Love,_  
_ Stirred mine the day_  
_ I first set eyes upon you._  
_ An ardor unceasing,_  
_ Unrelenting,_  
_ Never to be quiet again._  
_If love is a banner to be raised_  
_     Then you, My Love,_  
_Have me waving ours gladly,_  
_Shouting from the peaks,_  
_Telling the whole world_  
_You are the one_  
_Whom my soul loves._  
_If love is better than wine_  
_     Then you, My Love,_  
_ Are fresher than a rosé,_  
_ More elegant than a Bordeaux,_  
_ Smoother than Chardonnay. _  
_How delightful you are!_  
_If many waters cannot quench love_  
_     Then you, My Love,_  
_Can be assured that_  
_Rivers of tears_  
_Or trials that may flood us_  
_May sweep all away,_  
_But they will never conquer_  
_This passion for you._  
_If love no greater is a life laid down_  
_     Then for you, My Love,_  
_I am_  
_An offering pledged,_  
_Willingly, solely_  
_Vowed unto you._  
_To love until death,_  
_To die loving you,_  
_To cherish you until_  
_The only enemy able_  
_To end these anniversaries_  
_Makes us part._  
_Yet, O yet,_  
_Remember this, My Love._  
_If love is stronger than death –_  
_And it is, My Love, it is -_  
_     Then you, My Love,_  
_ Need to know our foe’s reminders -_  
_The scars you bear,_  
_The wrinkles you see,_  
_The weariness you feel –_  
_Fears of love’s demise,_  
_Only cause me_  
_To cherish you_  
_And each day_  
_We spend together_  
_ All the more._  
_ And spur me on_  
_As these years roll by_  
_To tell you again and again_  
_Of the One who became_  
_Love stronger than death._  
_And, yes, He delights in many,_  
_But how I know –_  
_For my soul knows it well -_  
_He looks with adoring eye_  
_Upon you and says, “There is_  
_          Then you, My Love.”_
Barry York

Barry York

Sinner by Nature - Saved by Grace. Husband of Miriam - Grateful for Privilege. Father of Six - Blessed by God. President of RPTS - Serve with Thankfulness. Author - Hitting the Marks.

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