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The Joys of a Multi-Author Blog

Before I begin to give what the title suggests, one clarification must be given.  This post should not be interpreted as a slam on single-author blogs or be read as if there is a sense of superiority seeking to seep through these words. After all, almost all of my favorite blogs are written by one person, and I marvel at their creativity and productivity. And the best of these, if you really think about it, have a multi-author quality to them anyway as they link to other sites, interact with fellow bloggers, or invite guest columnists.  Like a single rose or a bouquet, both types of blogs can have their own beauty.

Here then are seven joys I experience as part of being on this blog with others.

**_Standing together.  _**Though each of the guys here is his own man, with a unique personality and approach to ministry, on the big, confessional matters we stand shoulder-to-shoulder.  How strengthening it is to share the same convictions with brothers in the Lord as we address the various issues of the day.

**_Relieving the pressure.  _**I realized long ago that my well, unlike others who are more disciplined and creative, could not fill up fast enough to be a daily blogger. Last year we finally reached the goal of having daily weekday posts after some time of assembling a team and organizing the schedule well enough to able to do so.   Knowing others have responsibilities for certain days of the week causes me to relax and actually enjoy the writing process when it is my turn.

**_Enjoying mutual edification. _**How edifying it is to read posts from others on the blog who are partners in gospel ministry and be challenged or encouraged by what they write.  The edification also works out very practically at times. We give each other editing powers, so one brother can go to another's post and slip in the missing punctuation mark or correct the misspelled word he sees!

**_Providing behind-the-scenes counsel. _**A number of times one of us will go to one or two others and seek advice on the wording, the theology, or the spirit of a potential post.  Yes, we have nixed a few, but generally just offer a few suggestions.  Receiving counsel in this way encourages growth in humility and wisdom.

**_Rejoicing in other's success.  _**When one of the other GenRef Gents receives a strong response on his post, or I hear of someone sharing how insightful another's article was, I have found that typical, sinful jealousy has turned more and more into truly thanking the Lord for the gifts of my brothers.  Like being on a basketball team, blogging with others helps me to think more corporately than individually.

**_Encouraging creativity. _**When working on a project with others, the different perspectives each person brings can stir up the creative juices of everyone.  I have found myself thinking about life, relationships, ministry, and writing in fresh ways because of what I read and discuss with these brothers.

Maintaining the proper spirit.  As stated on numerous occasions on this blog, we are seeking to be gentle in our spirit and pastoral in our theology while be wide-ranging in our focus.  Having others on the blog who share that desire helps keep us oriented in that direction.

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! -Psalm 133:1

Barry York

Barry York

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