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A Long Time Dream Has Come True

Yesterday I received news that my transfer request to Pensacola, Florida was approved. It came in the form of a call from my Postmaster declaring, “You got Pensacola!” Immediately after that conversation, I called my wife and shed tears of joy, crying like a baby in a parking lot off of south 3rd street.

That moment easily ranks as one of the best moments of my life. It’s been a long time dream of this mailman to make it down to Florida.

There were a couple months of extreme disappointment as it looked like any and all transfers would be declined. There was also much waiting and uncertainty. At one point, I was offered a transfer to northern Indianapolis (a very good offer too) and had to make a very quick decision. I pleaded with the Lord to give me some kind of sign that Florida would work out, as that was what I really wanted. I couldn’t see how I could turn down the offer to Indy though. But when I came home and tried to call the Postmaster to accept the position, the phone was busy. Like three times in a row. As I sat waiting, I decided to check my email. A notice appeared that I was being considered for a transfer to Florida.

I wept with joy. However, it would later fall through. I was declined. One can imagine all the struggles and frustrations and doubts that were swirling within me.  But in the course of time, my number one pick of a city came forward, and in a down-to-the-wire situation where it looked doubtful, it ended up working out.

I’ve learned much during this time. In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s goodness and life and grace over the past 24 hours. Here are a few things that stand out:

• I have spent an inordinate amount of time worrying, but as the Lord has said, as it were, all the fretting doesn’t add one hour of transfer potential to the situation. Casting one’s anxieties on the Lord is not a onetime thing either. I would cast them on Him but then quickly fret again. Over and over and over again. In all this I have tasted the Lord’s patience. I am a doubting, worrying sinner with whom the Lord has been very patient. God is good!

• Christ is everything, and in Him I have every spiritual blessing (Eph 1:3). This truth is so astounding it defies comprehension. And if that weren’t enough (an infinity of enough), the Lord provides His people with sweet tokens of His goodness, even in the midst of a cursed world. Who am I to receive this blessing? And yet He gave it to me. What a wonder. What an amazing God!

• While it may be true that Florida is something like the Postal Promised Land, I know that Pensacola groans under the weight of sin like any other city in this dark world. I have no illusions about that... which is why I cannot help but reflect afresh on the City to come, the one where righteousness and holiness and renewal canvass reality from the deepest corners of my inmost being to the very roots of the grass in the ground. So while Pensacola is an amazing gift, and one I am incredibly thankful for, I am even more thankful that it doesn’t mark the end of the journey. There is so much more to come. What a gracious God!