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Semester in Scotland

I know that Gentle Reformation is not an advertising forum, but here is something that may be of interest to you or someone you know.  It's a Semester abroad program for College students in Scotland. The program offers 15 hours of credit, incorporating a variety of courses, designed to build the faith and life of any young Christian man or woman.

The Semester in Scotland program is offered in conjunction with Geneva College (www.geneva.edu/semester-in-scotland), with students from other Colleges being able to transfer easily into Geneva and take the program through a co-operative agreement process.

It's common place to hype and speak in glowing terms about what a program or College can offer, but I would rather let the success of this program speak for itself.  Even a cursory reading of the weekly student blog (www.semesterinscotland.wordpress.com) will give a good reflection of what those participating in the program think.

My personal enthusiasm for this program, during ten years of involvement, has been fueled by the impact I have seen it have on young lives. Comments such as, 'he was changed by his time in Scotland', and 'she came back from Scotland a different young woman,' are ones which I have heard when visiting the U.S.

So if you have a son or a daughter, a grandchild, a nephew or niece at College and you think that they might be interested in a Semester abroad program, a Semester which will challenge and develop them in their faith, let them know about the Semester in Scotland program.  Let us add a little to the investment already made in their lives, and let Christ do His work.

Website - www.geneva.edu/semester-in-scotland

Blog - www.semesterinscotland.wordpress.com