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A smattering of recent posts that will encourage you in your walk with Christ!

The Ten Pleasures

David Murray restates the Ten Commandments by beginning each one with the word "enjoy." No, he is not trying to give a sugary, Joel Osteen-esque new translation of them. Rather, he is reminding us that the commandments, summarized by Christ as loving God and loving our neighbor, have a positive application that should result in us experiencing the answer to the first catechism question.

Girl in the Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in fewer words than that Emily Thomes adds to the picture by telling the story of her remarkable conversion. Both look and read, then marvel over the power of the gospel once again!

One Facebook, Two Worlds, Three Problems

Trevin Wax explains how our Facebook feed is feeding our biases, and how it can impact true public discourse. He gives some ideas on how to overcome the divide.

Why Go to Church? 50+ Things You Miss Out On By Not Attending Church

The title says it all!

Christian Funerals Can Be Too Happy

I have often thought this and have written about it here and here. Love the direct simplicity of this post.

Barry York

Barry York

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