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A Catechism for the Very Youngest

Many of our readers are familiar with the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which B.B. Warfield notes is definitely worth learning, but definitely not very easy. Many families use the shorter catechism as a regular part of their devotions, family worship and theological training of children. Others are also familiar with the First Catechism - a form of the shorter catechism designed for younger children.

When our children were very young (able to speak a few words, but certainly not sentences), I found even the First Catechism to be a little unwieldy for them. And so we began to put together a short catechism for very young children. We continue to use it with our three-year-old and find that it helps kids around his age to be engaged in family worship, to learn the pattern of question-and-answer and to assimilate (even if slowly) some of the most important truths of the Bible. The differences between this and the First Catechism are that I tried to focus on one-word answers (the longer answers I will often start and let the child finish), and a focus on historical events rather than theological ideas.

Below is what we have so far. As you can guess, we developed the catechism over the course of months and years, often without a definitive outline. So I offer it to you as something that may be helpful, especially if you edit it for your purposes and children.

Q: Who made you?
A: God

Q: What else did God make?
A: All things

Q: Why did God make you and all things?
A: For His own glory

Q: How many persons are there in God?
A: Three

Q: Can God do all things?
A: Yes

Q: What is God?
A: A Spirit

Q: Can you see God?
A: No

Q: Who is our Helper?
A: The Holy Spirit

Q: Who is our Savior?
A: Jesus

Q: Where do we learn how to love and obey God?
A: The Bible

Q: How do we talk to God?
A: Pray and Sing

Q: Who was Jesus’ mom?
A: Mary

Q: Where was Jesus born?
A: Bethlehem

Q: Who came to see baby Jesus?
A: Shepherds and wise men?

Q: What did the wise men bring?
A: Gifts for king Jesus

Q: How did the shepherds know how to find the baby?
A: Angels

Q: How did the wise men know how to find the baby?
A: The star

Q: Did Jesus ever sin?
A: No

Q: How did Jesus die?
A: On the cross

Q: Whom did Jesus crush?
A: The serpent

Q: What happened after Jesus died?
A: They put Him in the ground

Q: Did He stay in the ground?
A: No

Q: What happened?
A: Jesus rose from the dead. Long live the king!

Q: What day did Jesus rise from the dead?
A: Sunday

Q: So what do we do on Sunday?
A: Worship

Q: Where is Jesus?
A: Heaven

Q: Is He coming back?
A: Yes

Q: Who were our first parents?
A: Adam and Eve

Q: How did God make man?
A: In His own image

Q: What did God give Adam and Eve?
A: Body and soul

Q: Do you have a body and soul?
A: Yes

Q: How long will your soul last?
A: Forever

Q: God made a promise with Adam; it was called the covenant of _______
A: Life

Q: What did God want Adam to do?
A: Obey

Q: What did Adam do?
A: Disobey

Q: What’s it called when we disobey God?
A: Sin

Q: What does God have to do to sin?
A: Punish

Q: Do you sin?
A: Yes

Q: So what do you need?
A: Forgiveness

Q: Where do we get forgiveness?
A: Jesus’ blood

Q: How do we get Jesus’ blood?
A: By faith

Q: How do we get faith?
A: By grace

Q: How do you know that you belong to God?
A: My baptism

Jared Olivetti

Jared Olivetti

I'm a pastor at Immanuel RPC in West Lafayette, Indiana. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, six kids and a loving church family.

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