/ Gentle Reformation

A Bit of Audio

A few picks for the podcast inclined:

  • Intelligence Squared Debates: Give Undocumented Immigrants a Path to Citizenship? A fair-minded debate exploring the issue.
  • Sam Harris Podcast, Waking Up: The Most Powerful Clown. While Sam Harris certainly lands on the left, his analysis of Trump is still fair at many points and deserves a listen (though keep in mind he is an outspoken atheist).
  • Unbelievable: What Happened at the Cross? N.T. Wright and Tom Schreiner debate. In typical fashion, N.T. Wright foregrounds what should be situated more in the background. This leads to a misplacement of emphasis which can prove to be more than a little frustrating.
    On quick note, the next episode of 3GT should be releasing soon.  Do forgive our tardiness!  But it should be a good one. So stay tuned!