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David Murray at _HeadHeartHand _blog tackles a topic that is becoming all too common - the fall of a pastor. As Kyle indicated, this tragic situation often leaves a congregation devastated and disillusioned, his family ashamed and uncertain, and the world often mocking and laughing. So it is vital to treat this problem in a biblical manner. David offers the following three posts that contain wise, practical counsel on this matter, with the third post a guest one that focuses more on the preventative side of the issue.

Repairing the Damage after a Pastor Falls | David Murray

13 Truths for the Congregation of a Fallen Pastor | David Murray

The Most Common Reasons Pastors Fall | Tom Parr

And just in case you are not quite certain what to do with that book on your shelf that you have from an unfaithful minister, here is another link.

What Should We Do with Books by Fallen Leaders? | Tim Challies

Barry York

Barry York

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