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3GT Episode 50: The Noble Martyrs

Yes, they made it to 50 (and maybe even a little beyond like the prof)! The guys reflect a bit on their experience with 3GT and hope they can at least double the number of episodes as they carry on.

Then they dig into the subject of martyrdom. Admitted history novices, the guys discuss how each of them began to learn about those who gave their lives for Christ. They share some of their favorite stories. They talk of why believers should know of the martyrs, then offer ways congregations can be helped in learning more about these faithful witnesses.

A sober but needed reminder that we are to know of these ones of whom the world was not worthy.

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(Note: In the reference to the Philippine missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, Barry misspoke when he inferred they had both been martyred. After being held hostage for over a year by Muslim terrorists, Martin died but Gracia was rescued and recounts their story in the book In the Presence of My Enemies.)

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Barry York

Barry York

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