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The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood issued a declaration consisting of fourteen articles addressing the gender and marriage issues of our day. Called the Nashville Statement, it was originally signed by a group of influential evangelical and Reformed men and women. You may have seen that it is receiving a great deal of attention.  Here are some interesting perspectives as you consider not only what it says, but its tone, purpose, and effectiveness.

Rosaria Butterfield | Why I Signed the Nashville Statement

The author of _The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert _explains why she believed it was important that she sign this document. She highlights the need for the church to continue to speak prophetically in our age.

Al Mohler | I signed the Nashville Statement. It’s an expression of love for same-sex attracted people.

The president of Southern Baptist Seminary explains the intent of the document is to offer clarity in an age of confusion. With counter declarations like the Denver Statement already being made, Mohler reminds the church of the cultural divide it faces and urges it to rally around Biblical truth.

Rod Dreher | Is the Nashville Statement a Surrender?

The promoter of the Benedict Option, Dreher is supportive but wonders if the statement draws a line in the sand that will keep the church from engaging people on these issues. He then updates his article with an interesting recounting of a discussion he had with evangelical pastors who were quite negative about the statement.

Aimee Byrd | A Few Questions About the New CBMW Statement

Over at _Mortification of Spin, _Byrd's concern about CBMW's understanding of complementarianism and their failure to retract past associations with the Eternal Subordination of the Son teachings is expressed. To hear her dialogue further about these and other reasons for not signing, listen to her discussion with Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman on their podcast "It's not All about Country Music."

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