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Cush Is Stretching Out Her Hands To God

Since I received a radio from Weer Bei, I feel like I can see again. Through the daily broadcasts, my spiritual eyes have been opened. I love listening to the Good News on Radio. If Weer Bei was to shut down, I feel like I would go blind again. For this reason I am supporting Weer Bei with the little money I have. Weer Bei enables me to see even though I am blind - Blindman from Nyamlel - Aweil West
“Weer Bei” means “redemption” in the Dinka language. Weer Bei radio broadcasts the good news of redemption in Jesus Christ to the region of Aweil, South Sudan through the voices of local pastors and Christian leaders. Since Weer Bei’s beginning 2009, through the ministries of Cush4Christ, a mission of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, and Every Village, the Lord has done great things.

The radio station has the capacity to reach almost two million people who have been supplied emergency radios by international aid organizations in this war-torn land. Vince and Julie Ward moved their family from Canada to the village of Parot, in Aweil, South Sudan in 2006 to see the gospel proclaimed, elders raised up, and churches planted. In founding Cush4Christ, they prayed that the ancient promise of Psalm 68:31 would be fulfilled, which speaks of the people of this Nile region when it says “Cush will stretch out her hands to God.”

Many churches were established over the years as the Wards and other laborers went from North America to serve there, but when well-trained, gospel-preaching Dinka pastors took to the airwaves, God caused not only the external call of the gospel to go out in fresh ways; he caused the effectual call of the gospel to ring in hearer’s hearts. In addition to new conversions, the radio broadcasts also sanctified the theological understanding of many Christians and churches across the area.

Vince Ward estimates that less than 100 churches of various kinds existed in Aweil East alone in 2010. Seven years later, a survey of churches in the area recorded over 500 Churches in the state of Aweil East.

Weer Bei continues its ministry of broadcasting expository preaching and teaching, Bible reading, Bible story-telling, the singing of the Psalms and songs, and testimonies of God's work in the lives of people.

Recently, the radio station conducted a month-long radiothon to ask local listeners for financial support. And what was the result in this poverty-stricken, inflation-ravaged, war-torn land? Over 600 churches sent support. Some people traveled up to three days and three nights by foot to bring their gifts from their members. Church leaders and members and government officials brought their offerings with a total of over 1.3 million South Sudanese pounds (approximately $7500).  The generosity the Lord stirred in the hearts of these mostly-new believers has demonstrated how much they love their Christian radio station and how it has impacted their lives and communities.

Listen to some of the testimonies of the givers, and give God thanks with them:

Since I only have one functional leg, I came on a donkey. I wanted to bring my support to the Radio by myself. I am very blessed by the teaching at Weer Bei every day. I am a member at SPC in Akuem - Mabior Dit

When the cattle campers (Koc Wuut) came to our village this year, I prayed for them and with them for the first time. It used to be the work of the spear-master to commission a cattle camp, but now we do it in the name of Christ. It is because of Weer Bei Radio that our lives have changed. We love God's word on Weer Bei - Chief of Mayen Ulem – Aweil North

There is a village in our county known as Loc. This is where most of the Witch-doctors and spear-masters used to live. Anyone who wanted magic spell performed for them came loc village. Today, the Village is saturated with God's word through the daily broadcasts from Weer Bei. There are churches that have been planted here and many people believe in Jesus. - Pastor. James Udhur – Bar Mayen, Aweil South

The bible teaching at Weer Bei is very insightful. Many of us Pastors have not received any formal bible training. Our teaching is not as strong as what we hear on Weer Bei. This is why we listen to Weer Bei daily that we can learn how to deliver God's word to our congregations. The members of the church confirm that we teach the truth when they have heard the same teaching taught on Weer Bei. This encourages and motivates us. This is why we want to support Weer Bei like our own Child - Pastor Isaiah Maduok Peng

We used to think that ghosts speak on Radio. We never thought that real people can be in the radio because the radio is very small and no one can fit in it. But these days we know people from the Radio. We believe the message brought to us by them. There were only two local congregations in this region when I was a young man. But now because of the Radio station, many churches have been planted. Our lives have changed. We have been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. We are a different people now. We love the radio and we want to support it. That is why we have come to bring money - Pastor Samuel Yor Dit Anei
We pray that the Lord will raise up more gospel preachers in that part of Africa and beyond. Many of Gentle Reformation's readers have prayed for and given to this ministry already. Look at how Jesus has used your giving to inspire generosity in the hearts of the very people to whom you gave. If you would like to learn more about how to pray or how to join the efforts of the missionaries through financial gifts, do so at rpglobalmisisons.org

James Faris serves as a member of the board that oversees the work of Cush4Christ. Vince Ward contributed to this article.

James Faris

James Faris

Child of God. Husband to Elizabeth. Father of six. Pastor of Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ordained as a pastor in 2003.

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