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Browse Worthy: A Miscellany of Interests

Usually more thematic than today, this edition of Browse Worthy has an assortment of resources. But you should find something that will interest you!

My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness | Rachel Denhollander

Her Christian testimony went viral as she says. But she has more to tell us than we might want to know: sadly, often the church is the worst place for someone to go who has suffered abuse.

Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas | Tim Challies

I love the story God wrote through the life of missionary John G. Paton, who came out of the congregation that William Symington pastored in Scotland. Here's a good review of a new book about him.

Sensus Divinipodcastis | Austin Brown and Dennis Louis

Former 3GTer and contributor to this blog Austin Brown started up a new podcast with his pastor where "theology intersects with movies, books, and big idea." You can give it a listen at the link above.

Headlines & Happenings (John Piper and Female Seminary Professors...)| Tim Challies

John Piper stirred up the hornet's nests with respect to comments he made about how women should not teach at seminaries. Here's a helpful compilation of responses.

Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else? | Kevin DeYoung

Not only did I not know what an enneagram was until I read this article, I learned that I need not bother!

Heavenly Stepping-Stones | TableTalk Magazine

Not so sure about the author, but this article will encourage you to think of each Lord's Day as preparation for the Day of the Lord.

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Barry York

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