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Pursuit of Glory by Vince & Samuel Ward

While traveling across the ocean recently, I had the joy of reading a pre-release copy of Vince Ward and his son Samuel recounting their missionary work in Pursuit of Glory. It's a gritty yet glorious account of Vince's conversion, call into mission work, and decade-plus service in the new country of South Sudan at the start of this new century.

Pursuit of glory is written in accessible, short 3-4 page chapters totalling 34 in all. In a style reminscent of the fast-paced account of Mark's Gospel, Vince first tells the story of how the Cush4Christ ministry developed. As he shares personal prayers and struggles they went through, you are left marveling over the incredible way the Lord blessed the mission team sent to South Sudan even in the midst of hardships that vary from thieves, poisonous snakes, idolatry, spiritual turncoats, and civil war. Despite all the obstacles, the Lord has demonstrated his great gospel power in turning many people to Christ in this land. He has used Cush4Christ to establish a growing network of indigenous churches that features a radio ministry, Christian school, health training and other fruits of the kingdom of God at work. You read one chapter and are left wanting to turn to the next to see what further transpired.

Vince's account takes up the first two-thirds of the book. In the last third, his teenage son Samuel retells the story from his viewpoint. With his descriptive, adventurous writing, Samuel brings alive some of the scenes his father only alludes to, such as his mother's snake-killing skills, sleeping under the stars of an African sky, or the loneliness that came in seeing some of his friends leave when their family returned to their home country. The two parts of the book, accompanied by pictures from their time there, work well in complementing one another.

I highly recommend this book. For it shows that wonderful missions work is not just what the Lord has done in the past, but includes the present as the glory of God is revealed among the nations. Their theme verse of "Cush will stretch out her hands to God" is becoming realized! Click this link to order your copy.

Barry York

Barry York

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