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3GT Episode 91: The Hard Work of Church Discipline

As the pastor and professor continue to rejoice over having a new parishioner in the fold, the guys interact over the issue of church discipline. When sin is present in the life of a fellow believer, how do you go about the hard work of discipline?

Well, as in doing any difficult job, the 3GTers first stress discernment. What is discipline exactly, and when should this work be done? Next on the list is preparation, as they lay out the tools of prayer, heart examination, case evaluation, and Scriptural support. Then they encourage making sure whether this is a DIY project or a job requiring the right type of other workers. And all of this work is to be done as a labor of love, with a desire to restore the straying.

It's another 3GT episode loaded up with a wheelbarrow of practical encouragement!


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Barry York

Barry York

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