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3GT Episode 93: The Paideia Center with Dr. Michael Allen

With apologies that technical difficulties made us sound a bit tinny and even lose our parishioner in the process, 3GT is happy to have Dr. Michael Allen join us to discuss the Paideia Center for Theological Discipleship!

Mike is Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He has developed along with Dr. Scott Swain a movement to encourage the church to read and discuss classic theological literature. On this episode of 3GT, the guys discuss with Mike why it is vital for people in local congregations to study historical Christian works, how to encourage one another as we do, details for how to join or request a reading group in your area, and even how to win the first book groups will read.

The 3GT prof is especially excited, as one of the ten beginning Paideia groups will begin at RPTS this September. Go here to learn more and here to sign up!

[audio mp3="https://threeguystheologizing.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/ep-93-cmd-mix.mp3"][/audio]


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Barry York

Barry York

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