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Kingdom Come (Please!)

Election day/night is over. In seasons of particularly intense political activity, it’s easy for the citizens of heaven to gravitate toward one of two extremes: An anxiety-riddled, raw nerved, quick-tempered and sometimes foul-mouthed, hyperactive and myopic focus on all things political, or an apathy-soaked, snarky disinterest in politics, justified in the name of confidence in Christ’s kingship, with the attendant mockery of people deeply concerned with such worldly, civic machinations. The prophets of the Old Testament are particularly helpful in modeling a biblical path between.

Whether it's Jeremiah’s call to cultural care in the midst of bad news to the exiles in Babylon (Jeremiah 29) or Isaiah’s tumultuous ministry to heads of state, God's prophets ever called attention not only to the kingship of the ruler of all nations but to his direct involvement in their circumstances and statecraft for the further establishment of his kingdom in the world. To calm down and decompress healthfully as the noise of another election cycle dies down from fever pitch, or perhaps to spark concern for such where for whatever reason such concern has gone cold, here, humbly offered, are a couple of sermons I had the privilege to preach at Geneva College’s chapel services:
Based on Jeremiah 29,"God's Plans for Yinz" and based on Isaiah 6, "Kingdom Come (Please!), both of which can be found here

The sermon on Isaiah 6 is from the morning after the 2016 Presidential Election, the concussive effects of which we still feel every day, and would have had it gone the other way. May the King of Kings guide our hearts by his word to biblically healthy, holistic concern for his work in this world, and to humbly, calmly, and circumspectly take up the specific responsibilities he's given each of us to advance his kingdom.

Rut Etheridge III

Rut Etheridge III

Husband to Evelyn; father to Isaiah, Callie, Calvin, Josiah, Sylvia. Geneva College Chaplain. Loves the risen Christ, family, writing, the ocean, martial arts, Boston sports, coffee, more coffee.

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