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3GT Episode 118: Twitter Mob Rule

Much like Alfred Hitchcock's horror movie The Birds, where countless flocks of birds gather and then begin to attack children, schools and homes, people can use Twitter to target and hurt others. The guys of 3GT discuss recent examples of this phenomenon, such as the vice president's wife being mob tweeted for teaching at a Christian school and the young man being Twitter-fried for standing frozen-faced as a Native American beat a drum in front of him at the pro-life rally in Washington.

From there, the pastor, parishioner, and prof go on to discuss important principles of Biblical communication that Christians should follow before using social media. They urge listeners to consider both temporal and eternal consequences for spreading hurtful words.  Along the way, we also learn that the prof is getting older, the parishioner only uses one social app very sparingly, and the pastor has been doing some geometry lately!

Join in for another dose of spiritual elixir served up by 3GT!


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Barry York

Barry York

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