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3GT Episode 119: What is New Covenant Theology?

So asked one of our listeners! So the guys respond with an episode tackling the subject of New Covenant Theology.

They begin with a definition regarding New Covenant Theology. Some of its proponents and their works are cited. Distinctions between New Covenant, Dispensational, Reformed Baptist, and Classical Covenant Theology are made. Then the guys look at the crux of the matter by  examining Matthew 5:17 and discussing what "fulfilling" the Law and the Prophets means. A discussion about the implications for the Sabbath Day is highlighted. Practical applications are given.

The boys capitalize the T in 3GT in this episode! So tune in and sharpen up!


Resources Cited

Philip Ross | From the Finger of God

Richard Barcellos | In Defense of the Decalogue

Richard Gaffin | Calvin and the Sabbath

John Murray | "The Fourth Commandment According to the Westminster Standards"

DA Carson | Exegetical Fallacies

Greg Welty "| Eschatological Fulfillment and the Confirmation of Mosaic Law"

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Barry York

Barry York

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