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Despising the Day of Small Things?

In Chapter 4, Zechariah awakes to an amazing vision of a lampstand: it reminds the prophet in times of meager ministry:

The church of the old covenant and of the new, purified by divine grace, should show forth God's glory throughout the nations.

In addition:

There is an advance in thought from the continual watchfulness of an all-seeing God (the association of the seven lamps with the seven eyes of the Lord) ...to the coming of the Messiah.


It envisages the Light of the world shining through lesser lights amid the darkness that covers the nations.

The great danger for Zechariah and fellow Jews in their day, having returned from exile, with hoped-for restoration only partly-realized, was losing heart and hope by despising the day of small things.

'Let none despise it,' since God does not scorn meager beginnings. All such work proceeds under the watchful eye of the Lord God. Superhuman energy is promised to Joshua and Zerubbabel for the finishing of the tremendous undertaking.

In your work for Him, brothers and sisters, whether massive or meager, look to the Messianic Spirit of grace for sheer delight and all success in every work.

Lift up your faint hearts - set all hands to the pump!

Some comments on Zechariah in New Bible Dictionary - R.E. Higginson.

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Andrew Kerr

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