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3GT Episode 121: Is ABC as Easy as 123?

In an episode guaranteed to get some (if not all!) of their listeners mad at them, the guys tackle the subject of how to educate our children. With passions often running strong in congregations about education, is teaching our kids the ABC's as easy as 1) public, 2) private, or 3) home schooling?

With our humble parishioner leading the way, the guys tackle this topic. The duty of parents to give their children a God-centered education is emphasized. Scriptural principles and commands are highlighted. The struggles with each of the above models are noted. And along the way, the pastor speaks of the uniqueness of educating in a rural setting while the prof offers some grandfatherly advice.

So take a deep breath, push the play button, and try not to get too angry during this episode of 3GT!


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Barry York

Barry York

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