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3GT Episode 127: What about Non-Professing Baptized Members?

Presbyterians baptize their babies. As members of the visible church, as  
those babies grow up and become young adults, the promised-based hope is that one day they will profess their own faith in Christ. At that time, the privilege of communicant membership is conferred upon them and they are invited to come to the Lord's Table.

But what about the young people who do not profess faith? What do you do with them? This situation is a unique dilemma in Presbyterian polity. So the guys tackle the subject.

They began by laying out how they seek to encourage the young people in their congregations to profess their faith. They speak about the necessary reliance upon the Holy Spirit to bring new life to the children of the church. From there, the discussion turns to what to do with baptized high school students and adults who have not yet sought communicant membership. How to discern factors that may cause young people to hesitate to profess their faith are addressed. A final caution regarding patience is offered.

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Barry York

Barry York

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