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Praise to Almighty, the King of Creation -Psalm 104:1-4

A while back our monarch came to Stormont House in Belfast, the Northern Ireland Parliament. Crowds lined the route & I got a look. The Queen seemed to shine in her horse-drawn carriage. Far more than that, our great God of glory is majestic.

The King's Song

Psalm 104 stirs our souls to think about His work: what God has done in Creation & what He does for all His creatures. How soon we forget. That’s why He cries ‘Awake, think & bless.’ Psalm 104:1.

Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, You are very great! You are clothed with splendor and majesty...

The King's Dress

This King has a robe! Right at the start God gave light. He put on His royal coat to show forth his might. Earth, like a dark room lit up - light means we see the splendor of his other works. Psalm 104:2a.

...Covering Yourself with light as with a garment.

The King's House

This royal has a residence! He stretched heaven out like putting a tent up. The sky above was built like a roof-top, penthouse, suite. From this palatial place God looks down upon His earth. Psalm 104:2b-3a.

...Stretching out the heavens like a tent. He lays the beams of His chambers on the waters;

The King's Jet

See His chariot! He rides out on the clouds. Psalm 104:3b. Observe how He orders his magnificent servants! Not only do wind & lightening do His will! Angels do His bidding like thunderbolts & tornadoes! Psalm 104:4.

...He makes the clouds His chariot; He rides on the wings of the wind; He makes His messengers winds, His ministers a flaming fire.

The King's Name

Who is this King who suffered on the Cross? What kind of God would come to earth for us? How great is Christ who bled for sinners’ sake? This is Jesus, Lord my God, the majestic, and utterly magnificent, Monarch-Messiah and Cosmic Creator.

The King's Proof

Hebrews 1:5-14, ascribes divine accolades to God-Man, Jesus Christ: He is the far-superior Mediator, both Creator and Commander of His vast angelic host - all this confirms that praise to our enthroned Prince is not one jot amiss:

You Lord laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning & the heavens are the works of your hands …they will perish but your will remain.

The King's Choir

As David Dickson aptly reminds us is his superb commentary on the Psalter:

"When we go about the work of God’s praise, we should consider His majesty, how great He is, and worthy to be praised. O LORD, Thou art very great."
Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

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