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3GT Episode 129: Why the Buzz about Women Deacons?

Why do various Reformed denominations - and even those within a denomination - have differing viewpoints regarding whether women should be deacons or not? 3GT attempts to offer a charitable primer on the issue.

They first clarify the marked difference between elders and deacons. Next they explain the three primary practices (and a fourth, less exercised one) regarding women and the diaconate: male-only deacons, women deacons, and non-ordained deaconesses. The 3GTers highlight the case for women deacons, which is the position of the denomination to which they belong. They then discuss how other churches arrive at differing conclusions. Scriptural study, matters of authority, and even the defining parameters of what constitutes a deacon are raised. They conclude with a reminder of how important women's involvement in mercy ministry is and the need for elders to discuss the service of women like gentlemen.

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Barry York

Barry York

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