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3GT Episode 132: Interview with John Gerstner Biographer Jeffrey McDonald

On May 10th, Geneva College will host a dedication event in honor of John Gerstner, as the theological library and papers of this prominent theologian and prolific author are donated by his family to the college. In anticipation of this time, 3GT invited his biographer, Jeffrey McDonald, on the program to interview him about Gerstner.

Dr. McDonald wrote the work John Gerstner and the Renewal of Presbyterian and Reformed Evangelicalism in Modern America. As the guys interview Dr McDonald, we learn of such things as his conversion; the influences that shaped Gerstner's theology; his ecclesiastical journey and battles; the seminaries, ministries, and movements he influenced; his relationship with men such as R.C. Sproul; and of course his books.

So join the guys as they remember this spiritual giant of man, and if you are in the area on May 10th join us at Geneva College as we do more of the same!


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Barry York

Barry York

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