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Must-Read for Many!

On strong recent recommendation, a few days ago, I picked up a book that my wife Hazel kindly purchased for me, and began to leaf through its pages.

It is utterly contemporary, thoroughly researched and stirringly illustrated, jam-packed with testimonials to a savage secular distortion of humanity and sexuality.

It is entitled "Love Thy Body" and published by Baker Books: the author, Nancy R. Pearcey, has a previous bestseller called "Total Truth."

I beg you not to be put-off by the 300-page length: it is written so clearly, in such an easy style, with virtually stand-alone chapters, that it proves a very compelling read.

As a fellow-blogger said, when asked if he had read it: "It's my 'must read' of 2019 so far!" High praise indeed from a'Johnny-on-the-spot' and 'up-to-date' bookworm.

What is it about? It is a nuanced, thoughtful, godly, biblical, insightful, practical response to most of the hot potatoes of our time, and much more besides!

The introduction orientates and helps us get a handle on how we arrived at a tragic body-devaluing, pro-choice, euthenasiatic, hyper-sexualized, gender-fluid culture.

Chapters 1-2 expose the philosophical, unscientific, dogma that undergirds an illogical prioritization of personhood over human life that demands the right to kill.

The book goes on to tackle abortion head-on, handling matters of distortion of sexuality and all sorts of aberrant sexual self-expression with clarity and care.

One reviewer calls it "Highly readable, insightful and informative" (Rosario Butterfield). Another urges: "You must get this book. Don't just read it. Master it."

Perhaps, as I complete it, I will quibble with one or two things - though I haven't found a glaring flaw yet, apart from some glaring gaps in my own thought!

One final plug for what a Princeton University Professor 'convert' brands a "Terrific New Book." Pastor, elder, parent, spouse and student - You dare not do without it!

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Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

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