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3GT Episode 143: What's Up with the Benediction?

After discussing whether the "G" in 3GT should stand for "Gentlemen" to encourage more dignity on the podcast, the gents get down to business on this episode's topic. Why does the minister hold up his hands and quote a Bible verse at the end of the worship service?

Though seemingly a small ritual, quite a discussion ensues. The prof offers the basic definition of the word benediction. The pastor clarifies that not all Protestant worship services end this way. The parishioner gives some Biblical justification for the practice, then admits that the benediction to him is like that famous bell of Pavlov's dog as he starts thinking about fellowship lunch. Along the way covenant theology, baptism, Catholicism,  ordination, and even the doctrine of election play into the answer. Who knew such a simple practice and question could take the gents to such places!

So get ready to be blessed and tune into this latest episode of 3GT!


For further reading, see the article "The Benediction of God" in Tabletalk magazine.

Barry York

Barry York

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