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3GT Episode 146: When a Fool Becomes King

After another week away due to some summer fun, the guys are back at it in real fashion. For they tackle the subject of foolish rulers.

In a refreshing change for Barry, Scott and Kyle first discuss all the titles they would like to be called. After that is settled, Domine Borg leads the guys toward defining Biblically what constitutes a fool.  When the Right Reverend then intimates the present occupant of the White House may exhibit such qualities, and Barry agrees by pointing to Twitter examples, Esquire Hunt gets fired up. Mr. Attorney calls for equity, as many other presidents and current leaders also fit the bill. From there, the conversation moves on energetically toward such things as how the church can address leaders about their behavior, the need for judgment to begin in the house of God for foolish rulers, and how much the church should long and pray for the civil magistrate to have wisdom. And Bishop Borg even wonders if Barrister Hunt is angling for a Supreme Court nomination!

Here's an episode sure to get some listeners riled up, so tune in and join the fun on this episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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