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3GT Episode 149: Coaching & Mentoring in the Church

Behind the scenes, Barry and Kyle continue to give Scott a great deal of coaching in hosting an episode. Don’t hit your mike! Get your kids off the internet! But don’t yell at them! Work on smoother introductions and conclusions! And the list goes on.

So the guys take to the air with the subject. What’s the place of mentoring and coaching in the church? How does it relate to discipleship? The 3GTers flesh out the answers to these questions. They speak of the proper place of pastors and elders in mentoring relationships. The role of the Holy Spirit is highlighted. They discuss maintaining an open spirit in receiving the mutual edification from others in the body. The need of pastors especially to have coaching is addressed.

So tune in to this episode of 3GT and, yes, after that somewhat wincing conclusion know that the pastor and prof are still giving coaching tips to Scott!


Barry York

Barry York

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