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3GT Episode 155: LGBTQ Dilemmas

A listener sends in a question asking how believers are to faithfully  interact with the LGBTQ community and navigate some of the perplexing situations of our day.

So the guys discuss first the recent court cases involving these matters. The professor shares his experience meeting one of the couples at the heart of a controversial case regarding their bakery in N. Ireland. Our lawyer in residence gives us legal insights on such cases in the U.S. Our pastor assures us that no such cases are brewing currently in Winchester. But they do eventually get to the key question asked of them, “Should Christians ever attend a gay marriage? And if not, what should the church do with those who do?"

Sadly, these issues are coming to all of us, even to small towns like Winchester. So you would do well to turn into this episode of 3GT and become further informed!


Episode note: Go here to listen to Daniel McArthur's brief testimony to the Lord's faithfulness following the Supreme Court decision in N. Ireland.

Barry York

Barry York

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