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3GT Episode 155: When Wolves Return

After a rip-roaring introduction, the parishioner leads the pastor and the prof into the topic of the day: pastoral morality or the lack thereof. He begins by highlighting the downfall of many prominent pastors and how many of them have returned to ministry again. This leads him to ask, "How important is the character of a pastor, and can a fallen one return?"

So the guys seriously dig into the discussion. The Biblical emphasis on character for pastors is highlighted. Particularly egregious sins of pastors are warned against. The proper response of a fallen pastor is stated. The shameful pursuit  of prestige and following by pastors turned wolves is condemned. The responsibility of the sheep to recognize and not support false shepherds is urged.

Tragically, this age is similar to the day of Ezekiel when the Lord cried out, "Ah, shepherds of Israel who have been feeding yourselves! Should not shepherds feed the sheep?" Listen to this episode of 3GT to better prepare and put yourself under faithful shepherds!


Barry York

Barry York

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