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3GT Episode 160: Millennials' View or Millennial Views?

This 3GT episode begins with a couple of the hosts trying to figure out the topic of the day.  Are they discussing the view of the Millennial generation, or the different views of the millennium? Once they get that figured out, they are on their way!

For the guys delve into the different viewpoints of the last days. They begin by discussing why studying eschatology is important. They then define the millennium from Revelation 20. From there, they explain the basic differences between premillennial, amillennial, and postmillenial views. The approaches to interpreting the Book of Revelation - such as futuristic, symbolic, historicist, and preterist - are bandied about. The guys tip their hand on their own views and influential writers who have helped them. But then they quickly run out of time...just like the world will one day.

If you want a clear, definitive presentation of eschatology, you may want to head somewhere else. But if you want a basic introduction to its main issues, then you might want to listen in to this episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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