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3GT Episode 164: The Worship Pattern

After talking about Hodge and Hebrews in their last episode, the guys get the itch to dig  further into this rich book (You can even hear the Bible pages turning on this episode!). So they look at Hebrews 8:5, where it says that the tabernacle was a copy, shadow, and pattern of heavenly things. How does this Old Testament structure reveal heaven to us and inform New Testament worship?

The 3GTers discuss how the tabernacle serves like a glorified children's sermon. From the three overarching truths it communicated down to the details of its furnishings, the guys take you on a walking tour of sorts of the tabernacle. Along the way, you will learn how the imagery of the tabernacle provides heavenly truth to the church that describes wonderfully our life in Christ.

So hit the play button, close your eyes (unless you're driving!), and meditate along with the guys on this latest episode of 3GT!


Barry York

Barry York

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