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3GT Episode 166: Just What is Biblical Counseling?

Special Note: At the time this episode was recorded, Dr. George "Skip" Scipione was in hospice care. On January 22, Skip left this world to enter the presence of the Lord he loved so fully. As the founder of the Biblical Counseling Institute at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the mentor of our guest, this episode is dedicated to him.

With Kyle still cruising on the high seas, Barry and Scott welcome on board the 3GT boat Professor Keith Evans, Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI) at RPTS. After having Keith tell a little about himself, the guys start asking him questions about this important topic.

How is Biblical Counseling defined? Is it just a moniker or an actual philosophy of counseling? What are the common misconceptions about it? How is taught at BCI? How does it fit into the degree programs? How important is it for pastoral ministry? After pounding Keith with questions, they hear the most interesting role play character he does and reflect on memories of George and Eileen Scipione.

This 3GT episode, sponsored by RPTS, is a must listen if you want to learn more about - and even consider getting trained in - Biblical Counseling!


Barry York

Barry York

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