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Fear of a Changing World

We are experiencing strange times. It’s hard to turn on the news, pick up an article, or scroll through social media without being tempted to fear. If ever there is a time to counsel our own hearts away from anxiety, worry, and panic, it is likely now.

I don’t think the editors over at TableTalk Magazine expected their March issue on “Fear” to be quite as immediately relevant as it has turned out to be! Back in November when we contributors were writing our various articles on the general topic of fear, COVID-19 and mandatory quarantines were still over a month away from making headlines. Who would have thought this issue of TableTalk would be so prescient!? The issue’s publication date coinciding with current events is a kindly timed providence, to be sure.

Might I encourage you to take a look at my article on Fear of a Changing World, as it speaks to the heart of the temptations we are likely facing each day in these fearful times. The crux of the article offers the following hope and comfort as our world seemingly spirals out of control:

Freedom from fear of change does not result from the absence of change—but the presence of an unchanging God.

While you are there, check out the excellent articles by other contributors in the field of Biblical Counseling on this topic of fear. Especially notable topics in our present climate of fear include: Fear of Dying, Fear of Disease, and Fear of Financial Loss to name a few.

Dear ones, let us guard our hearts from giving current events more worth than they deserve, remembering that to fear is to worship (Deut 6:13). To suggest that matters are weighty enough to panic over, is to suggest that they are worthy of our utmost attention. Let us remember how our Lord used the words of Deuteronomy 6:13, that passage which directly connects fear and worship: “Jesus answered, “It is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.’” (Luke 4:8).

May we continue to serve the Lord, and him only during this time, and not the fear-inducing media or current events. May you find peace in your unchanging God.

Keith Evans

Keith Evans

Professor of Biblical Counseling (RPTS); Pastor; Married to Melissa. Father of 4 wonderful girls.

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